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Elderly Storytelling App


As the elderly population is growing, this age demographic is striving to become more technologically aware in order to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. And as individuals get older, memories seem to become more significant, that's why storytelling is a great way for elderly individuals to connect with other people.  Snapbook is a mobile phone application that enables elderly users to scan their photographs, record themselves telling the memory associated with the photo and save the story to share with family members. The user interface was designed with elderly users in mind, as well as their younger family members, keeping the interactions simple and design very minimal. With the use of audio recording, the elderly users’ voice adds further meaning and personality to the story that they are telling. My goals in creating this app were to empower, strengthen, and connect elderly users by allowing them to reminisce about their lives through images and audio storytelling.

On-boarding Process

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